Easy-to-Deploy LC-Loaded Dipole and Monopole Antennas for Cubesat

TitleEasy-to-Deploy LC-Loaded Dipole and Monopole Antennas for Cubesat
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsK. Schraml, A. Narbudowicz, S. Chalermwisutkul, D. Heberling, and M. J. Ammann
Conference NameEuropean Conference on Antennas and Propagation - EuCAP
Conference Start Date19/03/17
Conference LocationParis, France

This paper proposes a new approach to reduce weight and complexity of VHF/UHF cubesat antennas by utilizing a dual band antenna, rather than standard two-antenna system routinely implemented in cubesats. Three systems are compared: A standard system with separate transmit/receive dipoles, a dual-band dipole for both transmit and receive and a dual-band monopole, which uses the body of 1U cubesat (10 × 10 × 10cm) as a “groundplane”. Additionally it is demonstrated that with appropriate feed the dipole might be used in monopole configuration in case of deployment system malfunction.